Business Ethics

Royal Inspection International Ltd. has been maintaining its Ethics & Motto throughout its Offices, Branches, Networks, Agents, Associates in respect of the following:


1. Integrity

2. Confidentiality

3. Conflicts of interest

4. Fair marketing

5. Anti-bribery


All above are maintained and implemented as per following manner:

1) Royal Inspection renders its Survey and Inspection Services in a professional, independent and neutral way in all its activities.

2) Royal Inspection carries out its Inspection Works honestly and does not accept any deviation from its approved methods and procedures without consent of its clients / customers. Royal Inspection maintains and follows such tolerances where there are provision of tolerances in approved test methods and procedures.

3) Royal Inspection issue its reports / certificates with actual findings, test results & facts in good faith and does not change them, with professional opinions & remarks.

4) Royal Inspection avoids anyhow the conflicts of interests with any related party in which there is financial and commercial interest, during providing its Survey & Inspection Services.

5) Royal Inspection ensures that its Employees / Agents / Associates always avoid conflict of interest with the activities of Royal Inspection.

6) Royal Inspection strictly treats all information received from its Clients / Customers related to its services and business confidential and ensures that it does not pass on or leak out to third parties or any other parties.

7) Royal Inspection never allows the other or acceptance of bride in any form including kick backs on any portion of payment.

8) Royal Inspection restricts the use of other routes or channels for availing improper benefits from Customers / Agents / Contractors / Subcontractors / Suppliers or Employees or Government officials or any such party.

9) Royal Inspection does marketing with a fair competition with the competitors without hampering the business interest and standard of the services & rates so that it does not mislead anyway.

10) Royal Inspection provides guidance to its employees how to deal with the Client who insists to get preferable results in their favor abusing the tolerances.

11) Royal Inspection always be careful about conflicts of interest and also provides necessary instruction to its employees to avoid conflicts of interest between Royal Inspection and its Clients of different fields of trading.

12) The Employees / Agents / Associates are not allowed directly or indirectly to involve or to make relation with the Clients interest, share benefit, take advantage by any means from the Clients / Competitors / Merchants.

13) Employees / Agents / Associates are strictly restricted to engage their family members, relatives with the similar business of Royal Inspection and the business of Clients by any means.

14) Employees / Agents / Associates are not allowed to disclose of its confidential business matters, information to the competitors or any other party which jeopardize the interest of Royal Inspection.

15) Royal Inspection ensures to maintain secrecy of the data, business information, and rates etc. which are available in the documents provided to Royal Inspection by its Clients / Customers.

16) Royal Inspection strictly instructs to its Employees / Agents / Associates not to avail or give any sort of bribe from / to any party by any means.